• What is Getdizicard, in other words ?

Getdizicard is a digital business card personalized for you. Your name / company name / designation is printed on Online Page. Your contact information includes your name, company. designation, short bio, phone number, email, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus profile urls, home & office address on Google Map. The receiver can instantly connect with you on the social networks & can download your vCard to add all these details to his/her phone's addressbook.

• Where does Getdizicard store my information ? Can I edit it ?

Getdizicard stores your contact information securely in the cloud. You can edit your information anytime & anywhere.

• Does using Getdizicard requires mobile internet ?

Yes it does.

• What language is supported?

Currently, only English is supported but we will progressively roll out more language support in the upcoming updates.

• Can i share my digital business card on social Medias?

Yes, you have share buttons to all important media:

Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Whatsapp

• How do I distribute / share my card?

I provide you a link, which you can share in all existing media: messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc…

• What is the difference between a digital business card and a printed business card?

-It's always with you (on your phone).

-Everything is done with a click of a button.

-It contains a lot more information about you and your business, this is actually a small website.

-Satisfied customers will share and pass it on.

-It does not wrinkle, tear or be thrown into the nearest bin.

• Terms & Conditions ?

- GetDiziCard Portal Is Created to represent your profile & company information in digital way !

- We are Not Responsible for Other Company Profile Information.